Cite: Israeli radio during the Six Day War


Naveh, Chanan. "Israeli Radio during the Six Day War: The Voice of National Unity." Journal of Israeli History 28,2 (2009): 99-116.


On 8 March 1965, when the Knesset passed the Broadcasting Authority Law, Kol Israel, the government radio station, became the state-public radio. But two years later, when a national state of alert was declared in the crisis preceding the Six Day War, Kol Israel in effect became the mouthpiece of official-governmental voices inside the country and abroad. The broadcasts served the military during the days of high alert and especially during the war when the news bulletins became part of the army deception plan. The mobilization of the radio was reflected in its news magazines, commentary broadcasts, and music programs, making Kol Israel a crucial factor in the public patriotic effort to “rally around the flag.”


Keywords: radio; Kol Israel; Six Day War; state-media relations; media mobilization, חנן נווה


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