ToC: Journal of Israeli History

The Journal of Israeli History dedicated its second issue of 2009, to "The Impact of the 1967 War on Israeli Culture and Media."

The full ToC can be found here:

As always, I will post articles separately, in addition to the Table of Contents:

Tammy Razi; Na’ama Sheffi
Pages 95 – 97

Israeli radio during the Six Day War: The voice of national unity
Chanan Naveh
Pages 99 – 116

Women in the Six Day War through the eyes of the media
Einat Lachover
Pages 117 – 135

Shifting boundaries: The 1967 war in Israeli children’s magazines
Na’ama Sheffi
Pages 137 – 154

The Tanks of Tammuz and The Seventh Day: The emergence of opposite poles of Israeli identity after the Six Day War
Alon Gan
Pages 155 – 173

The siege syndrome: The Six Day War and Israeli cinema
Benny Ben-David
Pages 175 – 193

The theatrical ammunition of the 1967 war
Dorit Yerushalmi
Pages 195 – 212

Between victory and destruction: The changing narrative of the Division of Steel Memorial
Naomi Meiri-Dann; Shmuel Meiri
Pages 213 – 230

Book Reviews

The Zionist Masquerade: The Birth of the Anglo-Zionist Alliance, 1914–1918
Daniel Gutwein
Pages 231 – 234

Land Expropriation in Israel: Law, Culture and Society
Ron Harris
Pages 234 – 236

Above the Death Pits, beneath the Flag: Youth Voyages to Poland and the Performance of Israeli National Identity
Neima Barzel
Pages 237 – 239

Hebrew Writing of the First World War
Tsila Ratner
Pages 239 – 242

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