Cite: Women in the Six Day War through the Eyes of the Media


Lachover, Einat. "Women in the Six Day War through the Eyes of the Media." Journal of Israeli History 28,2 (2009): 117-135.


On the basis of a content analysis of 168 news items dealing with women in the two largest-circulation newspapers in Israel, this article investigates whether there was any change in the news media’s representation of women during the Six Day War. The results indicate that while there was little change in women’s representation in quantitative terms, that is, their visibility remained low, there were differences in qualitative terms. Whereas women typically appear in the news as victims, this type of representation was rare in the Six Day War, when women were represented in the context of the collective rather than the private sphere. Thus, the image of the “egotistical woman” was replaced by that of the “woman volunteer,” while the wife/mother image appeared in the national context during the war. However, once the war was over, women returned to their private world, and the image of the woman soldier as a sexual object also reappeared. Rather than enabling women to redefine their relations with men, the nation and the state, the war underlined their traditional gender roles.


Keywords: Israeli women; news media; private/public sphere; patriarchal gender roles; Six Day War, עינת לחובר


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