Online paper: Shay, The Islamic State (ISIS) and the Subterranean Warfare

Shay, Shaul. “The Islamic State (ISIS) and the Subterranean Warfare.” Institute for Policy and Strategy Publications, IDC Herzliya, December 2015.





Since the IDF’s discovery and detonation of 32 terror tunnels dug by Hamas in Gaza beneath Israeli territory during the course of Operation Protective Edge (2014), the Israeli security agencies are concerned by the potential threat of tunnels across the border with Lebanon and Syria. The ISIS branch in Sinai ‘Vilayet Sinai’ (former Ansar Beit al Maqdis)and jihadi groups in Gaza strip can use tunnels to infiltrate into Israel or “tunnel bombs” against Israeli positions along the borders. Israel has to be ready to deal with sub terrain threats along all its borders and to find technological and operational solutions to the sub terrain strategic threats.




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