New Article: Asman, Stalking and the Law

Asman, O. “Stalking and the Law – An Israeli Legal System Based Analysis.” European Psychiatry 30, Sup.1 (2015): 160ff.





Stalking may be defined as obsessive following (1) forcibly and continuously invading another’s privacy (2)(3); behaviors which: are directed at a particular person; are felt by the object person to be unwanted and invasive; arouse fear and/or concern in the object person. (4)

Mester, Birger and Margolin(5) referred to 3 types of interventions in response to stalking: police intervention, legal intervention and medical intervention. They also refer to possible mixed types of intervention strategies.

In this presentation we will relate to legal aspects of stalking, taking into account social, clinical and policy related considerations. A focus will be made on the 2001 Israeli law for preventing threatening harassment, and the main tools it provides a subject with: turning to court for an injunction, complaining to the police in case an injunction has been violated. Other legal tools will also be discussed – such as damages claims related to privacy infringements, libel etc.

In summary we will inquire whether these legal tools are effective in putting an end to disruptive stalking behaviors and to what extent should those legal possibilities play a part in an anti-stalking action plan for a stalking victim.

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