Cite: Cohen and Susser, Stability in the Haredi Camp and Upheavals in Nationalist Zionism


Cohen, Asher and Bernard Susser. "Stability in the Haredi Camp and Upheavals in Nationalist Zionism: An Analysis of the Religious Parties in the 2009 Elections." Israel Affairs 16,1 (2010): 82-104.



This study examines the respective performances of the various religious parties in the 2009 election. It concludes that while the ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) parties broadly maintained their electoral strength, the national religious parties were rocked by debilitating conflicts, ideological splits and intra-institutional fractures which resulted in a substantial decrease in their Knesset representation.




Keywords: Israeli political parties; Shas; Yahadut Hatorah; National Union; Jewish Home; Israeli elections 2009, Ultra-Orthodox / Haredi, Elections, Elections 2009, Israel: Politics, Israel: Religion, ברוך זיסר, אשר כהן

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