New Article: Martins, The EU and the Recognition of the Palestinian State

Martins, Bruno Oliveira. “‘A Sense of Urgency’: The EU, EU Member States and the Recognition of the Palestinian State.” Mediterranean Politics 20.2 (2015): 281-287.





In the aftermath of the July–August 2014 war in Gaza, the Swedish government officially recognized the state of Palestine. This decision triggered a cascade of resolutions adopted in national parliaments of European Union member states and, eventually, led to the adoption of a European Parliament resolution supporting in principle the recognition of Palestinian statehood. Understood collectively, these efforts constitute a multifaceted European attempt to break with the status quo of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. This Profile critically analyses these developments and sets the context in which they unfolded, arguing that they are indicative of a complex yet growing European impatience with Israel’s policies towards the conflict and with the stalemate of the peace process.