Thesis: Kaplen, The Ethiopian Messianic Jewish Movement of Israel

Kaplan, Jennifer. The Ethiopian Messianic Jewish Movement of Israel: An Evaluative Study for Growth and Sustainability, D.I.S. Thesis. Pasadena, Calif.: Fuller Theological Seminary, 2015.





The journey of immigration and integration of the Ethiopian Jews of Israel is a remarkable story. From traditional society and Torah-based Judaism in Ethiopia to high-tech society and Rabbinic Judaism in Israel, the gap is the largest in Israeli pluralistic society. The results are often low socio-economic status, family crisis, and discrimination. A sub-group of the Ethiopian Jews is the Ethiopian Messianic Jews of Israel, whose identity is further compounded by their faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah. This research investigates the background and growth of their congregations in the missiological context of Israel. The research also investigates the integration levels of their leaders and how this affects the congregations, and draws conclusions regarding the movement’s sustainability for the future.




New Article: Sturm & Frantzman, Religious Geopolitics of Palestinian Christianity

Sturm, Tristan and Seth Frantzman. “Religious Geopolitics of Palestinian Christianity: Palestinian Christian Zionists, Palestinian Liberation Theologists, and American Missions to Palestine.” Middle Eastern Studies 51.3 (2015): 433-51.





The introduction of Protestantism into the Middle East by American missionaries in the nineteenth century met with limited success while the responses and internalizations of local converts proved incredibly diverse. The two resultant theological descendants are Palestinian Christian Zionists and Palestinian Liberation Theologists. The article provides a short history of these two movements and highlights influential voices through interviews and media analysis. This article argues that hybrid religious identifications with nation and place has transcended, in some cases, political struggle for territory.

Reviews: Robson, Colonialism and Christianity in Mandate Palestine

Reviews of Laura Robson, Colonialism and Christianity in Mandate Palestine. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2011.



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