Cite: Dekel, Feminist Art Hitting the Shores of Israel

Dekel, Tal. “Feminist Art Hitting the Shores of Israel: Three Case Studies in Impossible Times.” Frontiers 33.2 (2012): 111-128.





The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the ways in which major themes in early feminist art in the United States were simultaneously explored in Israel. This will be demonstrated by a showcase of three local artists: Yoheved Weinfeld, Miriam Sharon and Pamela Levy. While such artists were few and their work was considered negligible, they nonetheless produced a vast and complex body of feminist art in Israel during the 1970s. The reasons for the degrading attitude of the Israeli mainstream art world toward artists inspired by feminism will be addressed and explained in light of the unique cultural climate in Israel and its position toward feminism in general and toward the second wave feminist movement in particular.