ToC: Journal of Israeli History 33.2 (2014)

Journal of Israeli History 33.2 (2014): Table of Contents



Communists and the 1948 War: PCP, Maki, and the National Liberation League

Ilana Kaufman
pages 115-144

Mapam in the War of Independence: From the war front to the opposition back benches

The Israeli left between culture and politics: Tzavta and Mapam, 1956–1973

Tal Elmaliach
pages 169-183

From Yekke to Zionist: Narrative strategies in life stories of Central European Jewish women immigrants to Mandate Palestine

Dorit Yosef
pages 185-208

“Operation Exodus”: Israeli government involvement in the production of Otto Preminger’s Film Exodus (1960)

Giora Goodman
pages 209-229

Book Reviews

1929: Shnat ha-efes ba-sikhsukh ha-yehudi-aravi [1929: Year zero of the Jewish-Arab conflict]

Motti Golani
pages 231-235

 Menachem Begin: A Life

Representing Israel in Modern Egypt: Ideas, Intellectuals and Foreign Policy from Nasser to Mubarak

Uriya Shavit
pages 238-241

Embodying Hebrew Culture: Aesthetics, Athletics, and Dance in the Jewish Community of Mandate Palestine

Shelly Zer-Zion
pages 241-244

Editorial Board

Editorial Board
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Cite: Magal, Mapam’s Voice in Arabic, Arab Voice in Mapam


Magal, Aryeh. "Al-Mirsad: Mapam’s Voice in Arabic, Arab Voice in Mapam." Israel Studies 15,1 (2010): 115-146.



This study explores the role of al-Mirsad as a newspaper in Arabic in the service of a Zionist party. The assertion advanced here is that al-Mirsad functioned not merely as a mouthpiece of Mapam, but a vehicle of expression for local intellectuals and creators as well. Following a survey of the paper’s origin and character, the discussion focuses on the treatment of Nasser and Arab nationalism in al-Mirsad, comprising a case study of an issue that occupied al-Mirsad and the Arab community in Israel for much of the paper’s existence.




Keywords: Israel: Politics, Israeli Left Wing, Israeli Palestinians, Mapam party / מפ"ם, Newspapers and Magazines