New Article: Shamir, Persistence of Legal Culture: The Case of Immigrants from FSU

Shamir, Julia. “While in Rome, Do as Romans Do? Persistence of Legal Culture: The Case of Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union to Israel.” In Studies in Law, Politics, and Society, vol 66 (ed. Austin Sarat; Bingley: Emerald, 2015), 115-77.





While the concept of legal culture has been receiving a growing attention from scholars, this research often overemphasizes the similarity of the opinions held by different segments of population. Furthermore, the relationship of migration and the change of legal-cultural attitudes has not received particular attention. Drawing on 70 in-depth interviews with the immigrants of the early 1990s from the former Soviet Union to Israel and the secular Israeli Jews, this chapter provides a comprehensive account of the various aspects of legal culture of these groups. The second important finding is the persistence of the legal-cultural attitudes and perceptions over time.