Cite: Ghosn and Khoury, The 2006 War in Lebanon: Reparations? Reconstruction? Or Both?

Ghosn, Faten and Amal Khoury. “The Case of the 2006 War in Lebanon: Reparations? Reconstruction? Or Both?.” International Journal of Human Rights 17.1 (2013): 1-17.



The Lebanese government took an interesting path to recovery after the July 2006 War. It embarked on a mission to both compensate the victims of the war – a challenge to the traditional reparation model – and to rebuild the country. This article examines the Lebanese case by presenting the path the national government took in the aftermath of the war, analysing Lebanon’s decision to create a unique scheme – the adoption method – in its road to recovery, investigating the advantages and disadvantages of their approach, and last but not least providing some lessons learned on how individual reparations can be provided for victims of international humanitarian law in cases where there is no agreement in place.