Cite: Hemmer, The European Union and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

Christopher Hemmer. "Balancing, Bonding, and Balking: The European Union, the United States, and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process." Mediterranean Quarterly 21.2 (2010): 47-60.


New Publication: Haggai Ram, Iranophobia


Ram, Haggai.  Iranophobia. The Logic of an Israeli Obsession.

Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 2009.


cover for Iranophobia

Keywords: Iran, Israeli-Arab conflict, politics, חגי רם, Haggai Ram, Israel, Nuclear Weapons, Strategy, Iran, Israeli-Arab Conflict, Holocaust, Israel: Foreign Policy, Israel and its neighbours, Israel: Europe relations, Israel: US relations, Israel: World Jewry relations, Iran: Jewry, Iran: Nuclear Weapons