Cite: Furst, Think Global – Act Local: The Case of Greenpeace Israel

Furst, Benny. “Think Global – Act Local: A Descriptive Analysis of Environmental Protest Organization – The Case of Greenpeace Israel.” The Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies, University of Maryland – Research Paper 7, 2012.


Full paper can be found on The Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies website:




This article presents a field-work based description of an Israeli environmental organization- Greenpeace Israel, focusing on its social structure and political-culture function. Being one of the leading brand-names in the 20th century history of environmentalism, Greenpeace has a dual identity since it has a major affect inside the Israeli environmental movement as well. This research presents a three levels observation: the individual, the organization and the state. The three findings from the interviews of the activists, the leaders of the organization and the decision makers in the political arena are analyzed according to leading theories from the social movements in general and environmental activism in particular. The Findings indicate that Greenpeace main arena is the media, and its strategy is based on non-violent direct action (NVDA) tactics. In addition to that, and in the cultural aspect, Greenpeace functions as a local revitalization group, by posting major issues on the environmental-political agenda of the Israeli society.