New Article: Orr and Golan, Human Rights NGOs in Israel:

Orr, Zvika and Daphna Golan. “Human Rights NGOs in Israel: Collective Memory and Denial.” International Journal of Human Rights 18.1 (2014): 68-93.




This article discusses the complex interrelations between human rights, memory, forgetting and denial by analysing the discourses and practices of Israeli human rights organisations with respect to the past of the Palestinian people, particularly the events that took place in 1948. It examines how and why Israeli organisations dialectically remember and repress elements of the local past, and align themselves with the prevailing national silencing of the discussion on the Palestinian refugees’ future rights, particularly their right of return. The article concludes by exploring the implications of these practices on the organisations’ capacity to significantly impact the Israeli-Palestinian future.

ToC: Jewish Social Studies 18,3 (2012): Special issue; History and Responsibility: Hebrew Literature Facing 1948

Volume 18, Number 3, Spring/Summer 2012

History and Responsibility: Hebrew Literature Facing 1948, edited by Amir Eshel, Hannan Hever, and Vered Karti Shemtov

Table of Contents


 Introduction        pp. 1-9

        Amir Eshel, Hannan Hever, Vered Karti Shemtov


Abba Kovner: The Ritual Function of His Battle Missives    

pp. 99-119

        Michal Arbell


Unraveling the Wars of 1948    

pp. 120-135

        Uri Cohen

pp. 136-152

        Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi


 Sovereignty and Melancholia: Israeli Poetry after 1948    

pp. 164-179

        Michael Gluzman


pp. 225-227


                      In Forthcoming Issues    

p. 228