Call for Reviews: Israel Affairs

Scholarly and authoritative, yet straightforward and accessible, Israel Affairs aims to serve as a means of communication between the various communities interested in Israel: academics, policy-makers, practitioners, journalists and the informed public. It is essential reading for anyone anxious for a fresh analysis of a key country in one of the most confounding regions in today’s world.


The book reviews editor currently has the following titles which are available for review. Interested individuals are requested to contact Prof Rusi Jaspal, the book reviews editor, via e-mail  rusi.jaspal[at]cantab[dot]net


  • Aronoff, The political psychology of Israeli prime ministers
  • Bar-On, The Others within us: constructing Jewish Israeli identity
  • Blarel, The evolution of India’s Israel policy
  • Chaitin, Peace-building in Israel and Palestine
  • Coolsaet, Jihadi terrorism and the radicalisation challenge
  • Dalshen, producing spoilers: Peacemaking and the production of enmity in a secular age
  • Gavriely-Nuri, Israeli peace discourse
  • Goldsheider, Israeli society in the 21st century: immigration, inequality and religious conflict
  • Hall, Emotional diplomacy: official emotion on the international stage
  • Jaspal, Antisemitism and anti-Zionism: representation, cognition and everyday talk
  • Karim, Islamic Peril: Media and global violence
  • Lindemann and Levy, Antisemitism: a history
  • Pedahzur, Root causes of suicide terrorism

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