New Article: Paikowsky et al, Israeli Perspective on Space Security

Paikowsky, Deganit, Isaac Ben-Israel, and Tal Azoulay. “Israeli Perspective on Space Security.” In Handbook of Space Security (ed. Kai-Uwe Schrogl et al; New York: Springer, 2014), 493-505.





Israel has a 30-year tradition of space activity developing, operating, and launching satellites into space. As a small country, Israel enhances its power through space in ways otherwise not possible. This opportunity is accompanied by significant challenges, especially in maintaining the qualitative gap and preserving Israel’s position at the forefront of technology, as well as securing the space environment. The significance of space in Israel’s strategic conception shapes Israel’s perspective on space security. This chapter provides a short overview of the Israeli space program, outlines Israel’s strategic conception focusing on the role of its space program, analyzes Israel’s approach to space security, and outlines current challenges and opportunities space presents for Israel.


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