New Article: Kadmon et al, Perceptions of Israeli Women with Breast Cancer Regarding the Role of the Breast Care Nurse

Kadmon, Ilana, Hana Halag, ,Irit Dinur, Aliza Katz, Hana Zohar, Myra Damari, Malka Cohen, Elite Levin, Livia Kislev. “Perceptions of Israeli Women with Breast Cancer Regarding the Role of the Breast Care Nurse throughout All Stages of Treatment: A Multi Center Study.” European Journal of Oncology Nursing 19.1 (2015): 38-43. 





Purpose of the research

The role of the Breast Care Nurse (BCN) is well established in Israel. The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of the BCN on Israeli women with breast cancer at all stages of disease from diagnosis, through treatment and follow-up.


This was a descriptive multi-center study on 321 women with non-metastatic breast cancer who completed their treatment <5 years before. Data collection took place in seven institutions in Israel, both in hospital and in the community. The women completed two questionnaires: a demographic questionnaire and the Ipswitch Patient Questionnaire looking at various aspects of care. Also included was one qualitative open question. Data analysis was performed checking for outliers and illogical observations.

Key results

In most areas investigated the women perceived the overall contribution of the BCN as very high, with 87% reporting a general contribution of very high or high. It was found that 53% of the women received information about the position from the nurse herself. In 61.3% of the cases, initial contact with the BCN was made at the time of diagnosis.

The qualitative findings concerning the open question are also reported.


According to the perceptions of women with breast cancer in Israel, BCN support is an important part of the patient’s ability to manage their diagnosis and related care. The multi-disciplinary breast cancer team should incorporate BCN specialists as part of their holistic care.

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