New Article: SimanTov-Nachlieli et al, Winning the Victim Status: Evidence from the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

SimanTov-Nachlieli, Ilanit, Nurit Shnabel and Samer Halabi. “Winning the Victim Status Can Open Conflicting Groups to Reconciliation: Evidence from the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.” European Journal of Social Psychology 45.2 (2015): 139-45.





Members of conflicting groups often engage in ‘competitive victimhood’, that is, they are motivated to gain acknowledgment that their ingroup is the conflict’s ‘true’ victim. The present study found that compared with a control group, Israeli Jews and Palestinians reassured that their ingroup had won the victim status showed increased willingness to reconcile with the outgroup and held less pessimistic, fatalistic views of the conflict. Moreover, for members of the stronger party—Israeli Jews—winning the victim status also led to increased group efficacy and consequent readiness to take action toward resolution. These findings extend previous theorizing about the positive effects of addressing group members’ need for acknowledgement of their victimization.

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