New Article: Nets-Zehngut, The Israeli Army’s Official Memory of the 1948 Palestinian Exodus

Nets-Zehngut, Rafi. “The Israeli Army’s Official Memory of the 1948 Palestinian Exodus, 1949–2004.” War in History 22.2 (2015): 211-34.





The Publishing Branch at the Education Corps of the Israeli army (IDF) is its main unit charged with disseminating information to its soldiers. This article seeks to determine whether this branch, from 1949 to 2004, chose the institutional/Zionist (voluntary flight) or the critical (voluntary flight accompanied by expulsion) narrative as its official memory of the 1948 Palestinian exodus. By analysing all of the Branch publications produced during that period, the article determines that the Branch presented largely the institutional narrative. Various related phenomena are discussed: the reasons for the publications’ narratives, centrality and collective amnesia, internal and external memories, and self and external censorship.

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