Lecture: Fleischmann, The Tranformation of Israeli Peace Activism

SOAS Centre for Jewish Studies


Beyond Paralysis: 

The Tranformation of Israeli Peace Activism

Leonie Fleischmann, 

City University London

Wednesday 22 October 2014 – 5.30pm

B104, Brunei Gallery, SOAS

Studies and accounts of the Israeli peace movement have been produced throughout Israel’s history. The conventional perspective argues that the movement was paralysed following the second Intifada, unable and unwilling to respond to the unfolding events, and became politically irrelevant given their acceptance of the unilateral 2005 Disengagement Plan, leading to the disappearance of any significant peace activities; exhaustion and disillusionment, alongside an inability for the peace movement to form an agenda in response to the outbreaks of violence in this period, marked the decline of the Israeli peace movement. Whilst it is correct to argue that Israeli peace activism has been in decline since the second Intifada and unable to revitalise activities to a level comparable to the 1980s and 1990s, my research shows that it has only been the mainstream faction of Israeli peace activism that experienced this decline. By approaching Israeli peace activism through its internal dynamics, using a framework based in social movement theory, it is clear that many of the existing more radical groups have continued to mobilise and, alongside emerging groups, present  alternative peace promoting voices and ways of challenging the current situation, showing that Israeli peace activism is not paralysed.

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