New Article: Backenroth and Sinclair, Knowledge in the Preparation of Israel Educators

Backenroth, Ofra and Alex Sinclair. “Vision, Curriculum, and Pedagogical Content: Knowledge in the Preparation of Israel Educators.” Journal of Jewish Education 80.2 (2014): 121-47.





In this article we explore how we as teacher educators translate a new vision of Israel education into curricular practice in the preparation of emerging Jewish educators. Using a practitioner inquiry mode of research, we reflect on our existential vision of Israel education and its translation into practice as creators and directors of a semester in Israel program. Analyzing a variety of data sources—including internal and external documents, course syllabi, the program’s experiential components, and strategic institutional partnerships, as well as students’ course papers, emails, exit interviews, and oral conversations—we find that an immersive cultural curriculum yields important outcomes for students who engage with our vision of Israel education.

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