New Article: Holt, U.S.–Israel Military Relations

Holt, Blaine D. “The Gold Standard: U.S.–Israel Military Relations.” American Foreign Policy Interests 36.2 (2014): 111-118.





There is no more cohesive military-to-military relationship than the one cultivated, over many years, by the United States and Israel. What began with a trickle after America’s official recognition of the Jewish state in 1948 stands today as a deeply integrated and highly capable enmeshment of forces; in addition, the two nations have enviable industrial might, bolstering the two defense establishments that support their respective militaries. Regional security and relative stability as well as game-changing technologies are some of the important products that support the vital interests of both countries. Although many strategic factors that underpin the relationship are in flux, the military relationship remains strong and is well-positioned to be advanced to the next level with careful policy choices now.

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