Jobs: Examiner Responsible,Hebrew B, International Baccalaureate

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Examiners Responsible for Languages  – Diploma Programme

Vacancies are now available for IB Examiners responsible for the following languages:

  • Japanese A:  Literature
  • Croatian A:  Literature
  • Hebrew B

For each Diploma Programme subject offered by the International Baccalaureate, a senior examiner is appointed who is responsible for the academic validity of the subject. In the case of smaller entry language subjects offered by the IB, this responsibility is held by the Examiner Responsible. Depending on the number of candidates entered for the subject, there may also be other Examiners and a Deputy Examiner Responsible. However, for many languages, the Examiner Responsible is the sole examiner for the whole subject.

The IB offers a number of different language courses aimed at candidates with varying levels of ability.  The courses are split into two main groups, the links below provide more information on the different courses.

Group1 Group 2
Language A:  Literature

Language A:  Language and literature

Language B

Language ab initio

The annual responsibility fee for Examiners Responsible varies from approximately US$350 to US$500, with additional fees being paid at standard rates for work carried out, such as paper setting and marking.

An Examiner Responsible is principally responsible for setting and maintaining the academic standard for their subject(s). They are therefore closely involved in setting question papers, marking candidates’ work, and determining the final grades of candidates. If there are other Examiners or Deputy Examiners Responsible for a subject then the Examiner Responsible will also standardize their work.

Depending on the subject, the position of Examiner Responsible may entail a commitment to attend meetings for activities such as question paper editing, examiner standardization and grade awarding. An Examiner Responsible may also be invited to participate in curriculum and assessment development alongside teachers, external consultants, and IB academic staff. However, the IB currently operates a seven year cycle of curriculum review for individual subjects and courses, therefore the exact nature of this involvement will vary according to timing.

Each year the IB runs a number of face to face and online workshops. Examiners Responsible may be invited to conduct or contribute to such activities in their subject. As with attendance at all official meetings, the IB will cover the travel, meal and accommodation costs to the examiner and will also pay a daily meeting fee.

Please note that this role is seasonal in nature and does not require relocation.  This work is usually undertaken in addition to existing work commitments.

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