Cite: Symposium: The Future of Israel and Palestine; Expanding the Debate

Walt, Stephen M., Philip Weiss, and Henry Siegman. “Symposium: The Future of Israel and Palestine: Expanding the Debate.” Middle East Policy 20.2 (2013): 1-24.





MR. WEISS: I think that, as Steve said earlier, we’re in a period
of no paradigm. I was in Palestine after the rejection of Palestinian
statehood last year and other acts by the Obama administration that
essentially repudiated the position that he had taken in Cairo.
Palestinians had believed in this two-state paradigm, and they’re the
people who are most subject to it. To us, it’s abstract. These are
people living stateless, without any rights. To see these people,
friends of mine, highly educated people, who had the idea that this was
going to happen, and to have it disappear is a profound loss. So I think
that that kind of awareness is going to enter the United States. This
model of thinking that has governed our ideas, like it or not, for 25–30
years, is going to dissolve. That’s an enormously challenging thing.

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