Cite: Lustick, Israel Needs a New Map

Lustick, Ian. “Israel Needs a New Map.” Middle East Policy 20.2 (2013): 25-37.





The predicament Israelis face can be summarized with a simple allegory.
Imagine a family car trip. I live in Philadelphia — let’s imagine a trip
in Pennsylvania. The family piles into the car, and heads out onto the
road. They’ve got a map of Pennsylvania. The map shows where to go and
where not to go for swimming, camping, hiking and so on. Here’s the
Delaware River gap, here are the Pocono mountains. Relying on that same
map, they cross the Susquehanna River. It is going north to south, just
the way it’s supposed to. All is well, all is understandable. But
imagine that the family continues driving and they end up in Montana or
Texas, but all they’ve got is that map of Pennsylvania. They keep
relying on it. But that map is not going to help them find their way,
it’s going to produce nothing but confusion, false certainty,
irritation, anger and frustration. The Rio Grande will be mistaken as
the Ohio, the Poconos will be enormously larger than they’re supposed to
be. Without a new map or at least the realization that the old map
cannot possibly provide guidance, the trip can only end in
disillusionment and disaster, to say nothing of bitter disputes within
the car over who misinterpreted the map and who is responsible for the
wrong turns.

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