ToC: Israel Studies 18,2 (2013): Shared Narratives—A Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue


Guest Editors: Paul Scham, Benjamin Pogrund, and As’ad Ghanem

  1. Note from the Editors of Israel Studies(p. v) 

    Ilan Troen and Natan Aridan

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.v

    Stable URL:

  2. Preface(pp. vii-viii) 

    Daniel C. Kurtzer

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.vii

    Stable URL:

  3. Introduction to Shared Narratives—A Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue(pp. 1-10) 

    Paul Scham, Benjamin Pogrund and As’ad Ghanem

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.1

    Stable URL: 


A Comparison between Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism

  1. Palestinian Nationalism: An Overview(pp. 11-29) 

    As’ad Ghanem

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.11

    Stable URL:

  2. The Zionist/Jewish and Palestinian/Arab National Movements: The Question of Legitimacy—A Comparative Observation(pp. 30-40) 

    Moshe Maoz

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.30

    Stable URL:

Approaches over Time to the ‘Other Narrative’

  1. To Understand Oneself: Does it Mean to Understand the Other?—Reflections(pp. 41-52) 

    Yosef Gorny

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.41

    Stable URL:

  2. Israelis and Palestinians: Contested Narratives(pp. 53-69) 

    Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi and Zeina M. Barakat

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.53

    Stable URL:

Comparison of Palestinians after the Nakba and Jews after the Holocaust

  1. We Israelis Remember, But How? The Memory of the Holocaust and the Israeli Experience(pp. 70-85) 

    Dalia Ofer

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.70

    Stable URL:

  2. The Palestinian Nakba and its Continuous Repercussions(pp. 86-99) 

    Adel Manna’

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.86

    Stable URL:

Concepts of Land

  1. Israeli Views of the Land of Israel/Palestine(pp. 100-114) 

    S. Ilan Troen

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.100

    Stable URL:

The Growth of Religious Nationalism and the Conflict over the Holy Places

  1. Narratives of Jerusalem and its Sacred Compound(pp. 115-132) 

    Yitzhak Reiter

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.115

    Stable URL:

Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism; Possibilities of Recognition and Reconciliation

  1. Zionism and Palestinian Nationalism: Possibilities of Recognition(pp. 133-147) 

    Tamar S. Hermann

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.133

    Stable URL:

  2. Recognition of the Other and His Past(pp. 148-155) 

    Said Zeedani

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.148

    Stable URL:

  1. Notes on Contributors(pp. 156-158) 

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.156

    Stable URL:

  2. Guidelines for Contributors(pp. 159-161) 

    DOI: 10.2979/israelstudies.18.2.159

    Stable URL:

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