Cite: Aggestam & Strömbom, Disempowerment and Marginalisation of Peace NGOs

Aggestam, Karin & Lisa Strömbom. “Disempowerment and Marginalisation of Peace NGOs: Exposing Peace Gaps in Israel and Palestine.” Peacebuilding 1.1 (2013): 109-124.



This article analyses the enabling and restraining conditions of local peace organisations in Israel and Palestine. It utilises the analytical notion of peace gaps to accentuate the interplay between local and elite levels. It also highlights the discrepancies when it comes to expectations of peace, the ability to communicate peace discourses and the power to influence and build wider domestic peace constituencies. The empirical findings reveal how current vertical and horizontal peace gaps result in the disempowerment and marginalisation of local peace NGOs on both sides. Such a precarious situation hinders broader peace mobilisation and is further exacerbated by widespread political apathy and peace fatigue among Israeli and Palestinian publics. By way of conclusion, the article argues for the need to re-politicise and re-negotiate space for a more agonistic peacebuilding, which allows for differences to co-exist.

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