Cite: Ganor and Falk, De-Radicalization in Israel’s Prison System

Ganor, Boaz and Ophir Falk. “De-Radicalization in Israel’s Prison System.” Studies in Conflict & Terrorism 36.2 (2013): 116-31.





An effective de-radicalization process in prisons is intended to facilitate the renouncement of violence and terrorism by those that have carried out such offenses. A key lesson that can be drawn from Israel’s de-radicalization efforts is that it is possible, indeed recommended, to treat inmates—regardless of their level of radicalization—in a dignified and humane manner. However, Israel’s ability to significantly de-radicalize security prisoners is limited if it is at all existent in its current form. Security prisoners with the potential for positive change should be placed in a different, perhaps foreign setting. This article provides an overview of Israel’s prison system, the challenges it faces, its efforts to de-radicalize security inmates and suggests additional courses of action.

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