Cite: Lloyd, Negotiating Israel’s Security Barrier

Lloyd, Robert B. “On the Fence: Negotiating Israel’s Security Barrier.” Journal of the Middle East and Africa 3.2 (2012): 198-214.





This article examines the issues, conflicts, and negotiations that occurred among Israelis and Arabs that led to Israel’s decision to implement a “separation formula” by constructing a security barrier in the West Bank. The structure represents a growing political consensus that in the face of terrorist attacks in the two intifadas, Israeli security requires a policy of “Taking Gaza out of Tel Aviv.” The separation barrier has been successful in thwarting terrorist incursions but has faced international criticism for inflicting hardship on Palestinians in the West Bank and unilaterally imposing an Israeli border on the West Bank side of the 1949 armistice lines. The barrier’s effectiveness in reducing attacks against Israel originating from the West Bank has helped move the conflict to a state that is painful but endurable for all parties. Thus, it is unlikely that final status negotiations will include complete Israeli withdrawal from all West Bank territory won in the 1967 War.

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