Cite: Frenkel, Ze’ev Jabotinsky Falsified

Frenkel, Alexander. “Ze’ev Jabotinsky Falsified.” East European Jewish Affairs 42.3 (2012): 343-351.




The need to protect the literary legacy of the revisionist Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky against falsification became apparent when the third volume of his complete works recently appeared in Russian.

Even a cursory glance at its content leaves a strange impression. For some mysterious reason, several texts are not included in the main body of the volume and instead appear as a separate appendix. The editorial introduction does not explain why, but merely says that “the appendix contains materials published under previously unknown pseudonyms or without a signature that appeared in the journal Osvobozhdenie [Liberation] (discovered and attributed by L. Katsis).”

This dubious “mystery” can be easily revealed. The link between Jabotinsky and the materials from the journal Osvobozhdenie is highly improbable. The project’s editor-in-chief, the Israeli publisher and translator Felix Dektor, was obviously uncomfortable about mixing these texts with Jabotinsky’s actual works. But in the separate appendix he gave carte blanche for any “scientific revolution” to the project’s academic editor, namely Leonid Katsis of the Centre for Biblical and Jewish Studies at the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow. Professor Katsis is an unsurpassed master of startling the audience with the most amazing “discoveries.” The editor-in-chief preferred not to inform the volume’s readers about his embarrassing decision and the “special status” of the appendix. Anyway, what’s done is done. The texts from Osvobozhdenie have been unambiguously attributed to Vladimir Jabotinsky.

Below we examine what constitutes Professor Katsis’s “discovery” and analyse his extensive accompanying article included in the same volume, evidently designed to hide a sad reality: there is not the slightest evidence that the texts under discussion can be attributed to one of the most outstanding Jewish politicians and thinkers of the twentieth century.

1 thought on “Cite: Frenkel, Ze’ev Jabotinsky Falsified

  1. To the specilists who are interesting in the field:
    Leonid F. Katsis Vladimir (Zeev) Jabotinsky and His Recently Discovered Works: Problems of Attribution and Analysis. Russian Jewish European Culture 1918-1937. Studies in Judaica Series. Vol. 13. Brill. Leiden. 2012. P. 417-436
    Professor Leonid F. Katsis

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