Cite: Wolff and Breit, Eduction in Israel (link to full paper)

Education in Israel: The Challenges Ahead. Laurence Wolff  with Elizabeth Breit. The Joseph and Alma Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies, University of Maryland – May 2012.


Full paper can be found on The Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies website:





This paper is directed towards those living outside Israel who wish to understand the educational challenges that Israel faces.  It describes and seeks to explain reasons for the mediocre performance of Israel’s primary and secondary schools as well as the problems brought about by the division of schooling into four highly separate sub-systems.  It reviews recent initiatives by the government to improve education, from the point of view of international best practice.  The paper argues that Israel needs to do more to improve education, through articulating clear goals, ensuring more equitable distribution of resources,  recruiting teachers with high knowledge and competence, utilizing assessment results, building bridges between the separate systems, and building consensus among stakeholders.

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