New Publication: Hasson, Relations Between Jews and Arabs in Israel: Future Scenarios [Israel 2023]

The Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies is pleased to announce that the first installment of our “Israel 2023” research project, Relations Between Jews and Arabs in Israel: Future Scenarios, has been published as a booklet and is available in print in both Hebrew and English. When completed, Israel 2023 will focus on three broad areas: geopolitics, the secular-religious divide in Israel, and relations between the Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel. This is the first of the three to be published.

The booklet’s author is Prof. Shlomo Hasson of the Hebrew University, a geographer and policy analyst. After assessing the factors relevant to relations between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens he considers three possible directions in which they may go: the Confrontation Scenario, the Liminal Scenario, and the Reconciliation Scenario.

The goal is to present policy-makers with a set of options they may choose, showing the various scenarios that may proceed from their choices. Ultimately, the aim of the project is to enable informed choices by citizens and leaders alike that will strengthen Israel as a Jewish and democratic state in the crucial years to come leading up to the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the state.

To receive your own free copy, in English, of Relations Between Jews and Arabs in Israel: Future Scenarios, please email your mailing address to Jennifer Kilberg: image.

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