Program: Tiyul B’Aretz


Imagine a road trip in Israel…for college credit. Tiyul B’Aretz is reinventing study abroad in Israel by giving students an educational experience that goes beyond the classroom walls.  On Tiyul B’Aretz there is no campus, no classrooms, no dorms or dining halls.  This is learning on the road.  Students spend the semester traveling to different regions and living in various communities, gaining a more hands-on and intimate experience of Israel than they ever could on a traditional study abroad program. On Tiyul B’Aretz, we’re taking the classroom on the road, using the land and people of Israel as our educational resources and guides.  One of our main goals is to create opportunities for students to see for themselves the relationship between the different religious, ethnic and social communities in Israel.

Tiyul B’Aretz is fully accredited by Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and a MASA-sponsored program.  We will be launching in Spring 2013.  For more details, visit our website at:

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