Cite: Greenberg, Private-Public Dichotomy in Girls’ Education in Mandate Palestine

Greenberg, Ela. “Invading Spaces: Challenging the Private-Public Dichotomy in Girls’ Education in Mandate Palestine.” Hawwa 10:1-2 (2012): 59-76.




This paper examines gendered space within the framework of the education and training of Palestinian Arab girls in Mandate Palestine. Concepts of gendered space, at least within the sphere of education, were rooted in the Ottoman period, with the British reinforcing or adapting already existing ideas that shaped girls’ education by gender and spatial norms. Some of these ideas were also colonial imports, and did not reflect the attitudes of the local Palestinian Arabs. The local population often defied this spatial dichotomy, or internalized it. Women also had to negotiate notions of gendered space so that they could become educated, especially in terms of higher education.


Hawwa: Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World

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