Summer Program: Political Science and Middle East Studies (Galilee Institute)

Israeli – Palestinian Programmes: Political Science and Middle East Studies
Centre of Middle East and Religious Studies, 5th– 30th July, 2012



The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is never far from anyone’s mind these days, and while the mainstream media can certainly provide some of the more important facts and figures, the only way to truly develop a better understanding of the conflict’s background and complexities is to visit the area and meet the people behind the headlines.

With this in mind, the Galilee International Management Institute has designed a programme aimed at providing firsthand exposure to various aspects of the situation, delving deeply into the issues through classroom lectures, meetings with representatives of Palestinian and Israeli NGOs, a visit to the West Bank (including a visit to a Jewish settlement), meetings with people from Arab villages in Israel, a panel discussion with representatives from Israeli political parties across the political spectrum, and much more.

The programme’s academic director is Dr. Mahmoud Yazbak, Senior Lecturer for the Department of Middle Eastern History, University of Haifa. Lectures will be given by Palestinian and Israeli academics and other experts, and will offer a balanced view of the situation in the region.

The programme is intended for students of history, political science and Middle East studies, as well as professionals interested in the Middle East, and registration for both 2012/2013 sessions – summer and winter (July and December) – is now open. A limited number of tuition scholarships will be available to qualified candidates. Students who are interested should contact the Programme Director, Mrs. Shiri Salant Fein, at: image

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