Cite: Sharabi, Meaning of Work: Jews and Muslims



Sharabi, Moshe. “Culture, Religion, Ethnicity and the Meaning of
Work: Jews and Muslims in the Israeli Context.” Culture and Religion 12.3 (2011): 219-235.




The work values of Arabs in general, and of Muslims in particular, have not yet been studied in Israel. This study examines the meaning of work (MOW) of 1201 Jews and 219 Muslims, who work in the Israeli labour market. The findings reveal significant differences in the MOW dimensions and demonstrate different perceptions and internalisation of work values between the two ethno-religious groups. While the Jews have a higher economic and intrinsic orientation and a higher need for interpersonal relations than the Muslims, the Muslims have higher work centrality. The findings attributed to cultural differences, ethnic conflict, occupational discrimination and high degree of segregation.

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