Cite: Titzmann et al., Hassles among Adolescent Immigrants

Titzmann, Peter F., Rainer K. Silbereisen, Gustavo S. Mesch and Eva Schmitt-Rodermund. “Migration-Specific Hassles Among Adolescent Immigrants From the Former Soviet Union in Germany and Israel.” Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 42.5 (2011): 777-794.



This study compares the adaptation of diaspora immigrant adolescents from the former Soviet Union, ethnic Germans in Germany, and Russian Jews in Israel, using a new measure of acculturation-related hassles, which were defined as minor negative experiences originating from being an immigrant. Participants, who were 16 years of age on average in both immigrant groups, were assigned to three groups according to their length of residence. Based on acculturation theories, hypotheses were tested regarding frequency of language hassles, discrimination hassles, and family hassles depending on immigrant group and length-of-residence group. Results indicate that the overall level of language hassles and discrimination hassles was comparable in both countries, but family hassles were reported more frequently by immigrant adolescents in Israel. Adolescent immigrants in both countries reported fewer language hassles after being in the country for a longer period of time, although this effect was stronger in Germany. With regard to discrimination hassles and family hassles, adolescent immigrants who had lived in Germany for a longer period of time reported such hassles less frequently than their newly arrived counterparts; the opposite was found for adolescent immigrants in Israel. The results are discussed with regard to differences between both receiving countries in terms of necessity and opportunities to integrate into the receiving society.

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