Cite: Giraldi, Washington’s Iran Policy Options

Giraldi, Philip. “No Way Out: Washington’s Iran Policy Options.” Mediterranean Quarterly 22.2(2011):1-10.




Washington is confronted by a number of policy issues relating to Iran, most prominently Tehran’s nuclear program and the country’s role in the region. There is no good US policy fix for dealing with the situation, but the regular invocation by Washington of a military option as a possible solution is not helpful in that an attack on Iran would not resolve any problems in the bilateral relationship and could well make the situation much worse. Negotiations offer the best option, but their success depends on a mutual willingness to compromise on fundamental issues, which has not hitherto been the case. A policy of containment could accept that Tehran might aspire to a weapon and regional hegemony while devising strategies to mitigate and control the threat resulting from those developments. There are flaws in every possible approach, and there is no good policy option for dealing with Iran.

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