Cite: Davidson, Islamophobia and the Israel Lobby

Davidson, Lawrence. “Islamophobia, the Israel Lobby and American Paranoia: Letter from America.” Holy Land Studies 10 (2011): 87-95.





The phenomenon of Islamophobia has now surfaced as a factor in American politics. While disturbing and damaging of people’s lives and reputations, the phenomenon is not unique. It can be seen as but the latest eruption of paranoid political thinking that periodically arises in American history. In turn, seeing the fate of the nation threatened by conspiracies and anti-American elements is made easier and more destructive by high levels of ignorance and insularity among large numbers of Americans. This latest round of paranoid politics, coming now in the form of Islamophobia, was triggered by the attacks of 11 September 2001 and quickly exacerbated by American Zionist groups, both Jewish and Christian, whose dislike of Muslims also has a long history.

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