Cite: Lazarowitz, American Jewish Leaders and Carter

Lazarowitz, Arlene. “Ethnic Influence and American Foreign Policy: American Jewish Leaders and President Jimmy Carter.” Shofar 29.1 (2010): 112-136.



President Jimmy Carter’s loss of the Jewish vote in the 1980 election demonstrated the influence of domestic politics on foreign policy-making in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Carter’s comprehensive plan for peace in the Middle East, especially his support for a Palestinian homeland, put him at odds with the leadership in the American Jewish community. The successes of the Camp David Accords could not turn this around. His loss of a substantial portion of the Jewish vote demonstrated his unwillingness to deal with ethnic politics, his failure to comprehend this politically important group and their concerns about the survival of Israel, his political miscalculations, and his faith in his own appraisal of conditions in the Middle East.

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