Lecture: Hirschfeld, the Oslo Accords and the Two-State Solution

February 7, 2011, 6-8 p.m.

NYU Open House, 528 LaGuardia Place

Did the Oslo Accords Pave the Way to a (Israeli-Palestinian) Two-State Solution?

Lecture by Yair Hirschfeld, director general, Economic Cooperation Foundation (Tel-Aviv)

Yair Hirschfeld served as a leading negotiator in bringing the Israeli Government and the PLO together at the Oslo Accords of 1993. Active in "track II" diplomacy for over 20 years, Hirschfeld currently serves as the director general of the Tel Aviv-based Economic Cooperation Foundation (ECF). The ECF aims to develop a comprehensive strategy toward regional peacemaking and reconciliation, by pursuing policy planning on issues of permanent status while supporting Israeli-Arab (Palestinian, Jordanian, and Egyptian) cooperation and coordination in political, economic, and social spheres. Hirschfeld is also a leading member in Israeli Palestinian working groups, developing concepts on peaceful solutions of the Jerusalem and Refugees Issues.

RSVP to fas.taubcenter@nyu.edu or 212.998.8981. Space is limited.

For more information on the Taub Center and events, go to http://taub.as.nyu.edu ‏‏לחץ באמצעות לחצן העכבר הימני כאן כדי להוריד תמונות. כדי לעזור להגן על פרטיותך, Outlook מנע הורדה אוטומטית של תמונה זו מהאינטרנט.

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