Cite: Jelen, Israeli Children in a European Theater: Amos Oz and S. Yizhar

Jelen, Sheila E. "Israeli Children in a European Theater: Amos Oz’s A Tale of Love and Darkness and S. Yizhar’s Preliminaries," Jewish Quarterly Review 100,3 (2010): 504-18.


"[Oz and Yizhar] document their movement toward authorship and manhood against a backdrop of the birth of the State of Israel, shedding light on a communal history in addition to a uniquely individual one. Indeed, one could argue that just as both Oz and Yizhar engage in a dialogue with their European literary forebears despite their having been designated, each one in his own generation, the quintessential "Israeli" writer, so too does the literary identity of each of these texts acknowledge its own self-conscious debt to a Hebrew model of autobiographical and fictional hybridity born long before the State of Israel, in Eastern Europe. Israeli culture has, in a sense, come full circle as a Jewish culture in these twenty-first-century expressions of the self as primarily European despite Oz’s and Yizhar’s status as twentieth-century embodiments of "native" Israeli authors."

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