Cite: Lavie, De/Racinated Transcendental Conversions

Lavie, Smadar. “De/Racinated Transcendental Conversions: Witchcraft, Oracle and Magic among the Israeli Feminist Left Peace Camp.” Holy Land Studies 9,1 (2010): 71-80.

Drawn from the ethnography of Mizrahi feminist activism, my essay partakes of Michael Selzer’s 1967 monumental The Aryanisation of the Jewish State. It analyses the oratory process through which Israel’s feminist ‘Peace Camp’ racinates the question of Palestine. While this campwhich is almost 100 percent upper middle class Ashkenaziopens up for the Palestinian nationalist feminist, allowing her space between her ‘nation’ and ‘race’, it manages to transcend its colonialist deracination of the Mizrahim, Israel’s demographic non-European majority. The essay argues that the racinated Mizrahi is not allowed to enter either the peace-club or any sites of the tight-knit Israeli cultural-economic elites promoting the Oslo Peace Process. Such deracinated peace-witchcraft is rarely practised to improve the disenfranchised lived realities of most (poor) Mizrahim, who often resort to charities, right-wing and/or ultra-orthodox by default. Paradoxically, however, these progressive feminists admit their bounds of race through the appropriation of postmodern-queer-multicultural-border postures to apologise for their domination of the public peace sphere.



Keywords: Ethnic Divide, Mizrahim / Ashkenazim Rift, Israel: Sociology, Israel: Religion, Peace: Israeli Peace Movements, Racism, סמדר לביא

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