Lecture: Gavison, Constitution-Making in an Ethnic Nation State

“Constitution-Making in an Ethnic Nation State: The Case of Israel”

A talk by Professor Ruth Gavison

Tuesday, April 13


Stanford Law School, Room 190


Professor Ruth Gavison has been a pioneer and a trailblazer in the field of human rights and Zionist values in Israel for over three decades. Haim H. Cohn Professor of Human Rights in the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University, Professor Gavison specializes in Philosophy of Law and Human Rights, was a senior advisor to the Knesset Constitution Committee, and served on the Winograd Panel to investigate the second Lebanon War. A founding member and past chairperson and president of the Israel Civil Rights Association, recipient of the E.m.e.t Prize in Law, co-author of the Gavison-Medan religious-secular covenant, Professor Gavison has gone on to found  Metzilah – a Center for Zionist, Jewish, Liberal and Humanist Thought. Professor Gavison was nominated for a position on Israel’s Supreme Court in 2005. She is one of the most prominent voices in Israel about issues of human rights, ethnic conflict, protection of minorities, religion and politics, and Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State.


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