Cite: Leon, The Transformation of the Religious-Zionist

Leon, Nissim. "The Transformation of Israel’s Religious-Zionist Middle Class." Journal of Israeli History 29,1 (2010): 61-78.


This article argues that the emergence of a new religious-Zionist middle class in Israel may be a factor in restraining the radical potential of the political tendencies that research on religious Zionism has been pointing to for years. It examines, as test cases, the restrained protest against the Israeli disengagement from Gaza in 2005 and the most recent attempt to change the political leadership of the religious-Zionist parties prior to the 2009 elections. It concludes by connecting the processes described here with a discussion of the possible role of the Israeli middle class in mitigating the rifts within Israeli society.


Keywords: Israel: Religion, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Settlements and Settlers, Settlements Evacuation, Israel: Society, Israel: Sociology, Disengagement, ניסים ליאון, religious Zionism; new middle class; disengagement plan; statism

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