Cite: Naor, 1948 War Veterans

Naor, Moshe. "The 1948 War Veterans and Postwar Reconstruction in Israel ." Journal of Israeli History 29,1 (2010): 45-59.


This article deals with the characteristics of postwar reconstruction in the State of Israel at the end of the 1948 war and during the early 1950s, focusing on the patterns and priorities of reconstruction of society as a whole and the rehabilitation of veteran soldiers in particular. The article addresses the social impact of the rehabilitation of the 1948 war veterans on the emerging Israeli society, including the creation of a social distinction between different sectors undergoing rehabilitation in terms of employment and housing. The article also discusses the social and political protests that accompanied the rehabilitation of the demobilized soldiers who campaigned for recognition and commemoration.


Keywords: Military, 1948 War, Israel: Society, Memory, Israel: Health system, Disability / Disabled / Accessibility, Veterans, Shell Shock / CSR, משה נאור

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