New Publication: Karsh, Palestine Betrayed

Efraim Karsh. Palestine Betrayed. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2010 (available April 5th).




The 1947 UN resolution to partition Palestine irrevocably changed the political landscape of the Middle East, giving rise to six full-fledged wars between Arabs and Jews, countless armed clashes, blockades, and terrorism, as well as a profound shattering of Palestinian Arab society. Its origins, and that of the wider Arab-Israeli conflict, are deeply rooted in Jewish-Arab confrontation and appropriation in Palestine. But the isolated occasions of violence during the British Mandate era (1920–48) suggest that the majority of Palestinian Arabs yearned to live and thrive under peaceful coexistence with the evolving Jewish national enterprise. So what was the real cause of the breakdown in relations between the two communities?
In this brave and groundbreaking book, Efraim Karsh tells the story from both the Arab and Jewish perspectives. He argues that from the early 1920s onward, a corrupt and extremist leadership worked toward eliminating the Jewish national revival and protecting its own interests. Karsh has mined many of the Western, Soviet, UN, and Israeli documents declassified over the past decade, as well as unfamiliar Arab sources, to reveal what happened behind the scenes on both Palestinian and Jewish sides. It is an arresting story of delicate political and diplomatic maneuvering by leading figures—Ben Gurion, Hajj Amin Husseini, Abdel Rahman Azzam, King Abdullah, Bevin, and Truman —over the years leading up to partition, through the slide to war and its enduring consequences. Palestine Betrayed is vital reading for understanding the origin of disputes that remain crucial today.




Keywords: History, Partition / Separation, Nakbah, British Mandate, UN Resolution 181, Israeli-Palestinian conflict

1 thought on “New Publication: Karsh, Palestine Betrayed

  1. I hold that Zionist/Israeli government did not push the Arab/Muslim people who were living in the newly declared Jewish State of Israel, out of their homes. They were advised by their own leadership to vacate , in hopes that they would return, to the land, with a defeated and destroyed Israel. Attempts of co-existence was turned down by Palestinian leadership. The catastrophe suffered by the displaced people was not caused by Israelis. Thank you Efraim Karsh.

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