Cite: Elias and Kemp, Non-Jewish Olim, Black Jews and Children of Migrant Workers in Israel


Elias, Nelly and Adriana Kemp. "The New Second Generation: Non-Jewish Olim, Black Jews and Children of Migrant Workers in Israel." Israel Studies 15,1 (2010): 73-94.



This article offers an overview of the empirical research on the new second generations in the Israeli setting, while highlighting the sociological problématique emerging from the data. It summarizes key empirical findings on the second generation of immigrants from the Former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, and children of migrant workers, and it introduces new variables and theoretical angles that have recently emerged within the Israeli context of immigration, such as transnationalism and inequalities based on race, nationality, religion, and citizenship. We argue that by introducing these analytic parameters, the Israeli research agenda on immigrants’ second generation should expand beyond replication of the questions applied toward the massive immigration waves of the 1950s.




Keywords: Labor Migrants / Ovdim Zarim, Aliyah / Immigration to Israel, Racism, Law of Return / חוק השבות, Russian Immigrants / FSU Immigrants, Ethiopian Immigrants, Ethnic Divide, Jewish Identity, Israel: Religion, Who is a Jew / מיהו יהודי

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