Cite: Gavrieli-Nuri, The Mythmaking Surrounding Israel’s 1967 Victory


Gavrieli-Nuri, Dalia. "Saying ‘War,’ Thinking ‘Victory’—The Mythmaking Surrounding Israel’s 1967 Victory." Israel Studies 15,1 (2010): 95-114.



The article offers a retrospective on some long-term cultural implications of the military victory achieved in the Six Day War. It argues that the mechanisms of cultural production operating in Israel have transformed the event into a myth: an idealized naïve story, which describes reality without asking too many questions. It examines the cultural construction of the victory, the making of a myth, its reasons, aims, and results through cultural products: texts, films, and material-cultural products; canonical literature and popular culture; mainstream culture and protest culture. It sheds light on Israel’s socio-political environment after 1967 from a new perspective and contributes to our understanding of the complex cultural processes entailing mythmaking in modern Israel.




Keywords: 1967 war, Millitary, Israel: Culture, Israel: Politics, Myth, Film / Cinema, Israel: Literature, Israel: Media

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